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Over the Years Saba has worked with many up-coming and well established Local Artists. Here's a chance to familiarize yourself with a few.

Albert Artwell

Alber Artwell was born in Catadupa, Westmoreland, Jamaica in 1942. An established Jamaican Painter and Graphic Artist who pride himself on creating colourful scenes from the Bible in a style of Folk and Native Art..

Lennox Coke

Lennox Coke was borned in St. Elizabeth where he attened the Thorton Primary School and moved on to the Maggotty High School. He later relocated to Kingston where he continues his education at the St. George's extension.

Lennox first broke on the art landscape back in 1997 as a young past student of the Edna Manley College of the visual and performing arts. Since then, Coke has consistently grown, at times outshining his years.

Allan Zion

Allan 'Zion' Johnson(birth name Isaac Jonson) was born in St. Andrew, Jamaica on May 28, 1930. He went to Kingston Senior School to be trained as a furniture maker at the age of 11 during which he started to paint. He actually recounted his life,"I made a push cart and decorated it and wrote passages from the Bible. Soon other people asked me to make carts for them and that way I started to make a little money. I also made Ludo boards and painted and sold those too." In 1965 he decided to try out painting and drawing and later went to the University to take some lessons which was funded by a friend. He started to exhibit his work regularly in 1980 in which he gained quick recognition as a self-taught intuitive artist. He died in 2001 leaving mother, Estella Gordon.

Elton Senior

Elton E. Senior is a 27 year old self taught Jamaican artist who has proven himself to be very note worthy. He originally hails from the parish of Portland but currently resides in St. James where he is well established as a tourist mecca and has used social media to his advantage to grow awareness of his work which features well known pieces such as "children at play in the water way". 

Nelton Fisher

Nelton Fisher was born in Albert town, Trelawny on May 28, 1965. As a child he was raised by his grandmother who enrolled him at the Maud Mcloed Secondary School. He soon transferred to Anchovy Secondary School. Nelton Fisher developed a love for painting at a young age and began to dabble in it himself, he is entirely self taught

It is said that no Jamaican art collection is truly complete with one of his pieces. A painting of his was resented to one of Jamaica's own former Prime Minister, the Hon Hugh Shearer and many other are now owned by collectors all over the world.  

Ras Dizzy

Ras Dizzy is said to be born in 1932 as Birth Livingstone, ( the name and date in his passport), he has also used several variations of his name such as Birch Lincoln and Dizzy Gillespie Johnson. Raz dizzy passed away in Kingston on April 17th 2008. The following extract was taken from an article published on 

Ras Dizzy is vocal against the injustices he meets within Jamaican society. A temperamental artist, he will 'curse you' as readily as he will tutor you in his reading from the Bible. His uneven temperament is reflected in his painting but, in his lucid moments, he paints powerfully and lyrically, with deep insight into the history of Jamaica and its people. Also a poet and a write, his titles are often enigmatic and he is not averse to writing within his paintings. Favorite themes are cowboys, that hark back to the era of the 'western movie', popular in Jamaica during the 1960s and still a prevalent theme within dance hall culture, and which recall his own experiences fantasies(?) of being a jockey at Caymanas race track and other race courses throughout the Caribbean, doctor birds (Jamaica's national bird) and local flora (probably a response to tourist demands), spiritual messages, wherein he sees himself as a savior of the Jamaican people, and images of slavery and Jamaican history.